Apr 6, 2011


     Adolf Hitler was once a prominent figure of German Nazi and the same goes to Winston Churchill; the former minister of England. Both of them did share common qualities when delivering their  speech. Firstly, both leaders managed to employ persuasive skills in their speech. They asserted their notion with full of confidence thus able to gain people's trust on what they were saying. Some words were repeated many times to address the importance of the message.
   Besides that, both leaders also gave a bad portrayal of their foes, in order to uplift the spirit of their people to fight for their rights. For instance, Hitler kept on lashing out the actual condition of England which he said socially the most backward country in the world. Likewise for Churchill, he urged his people to reconstitute and build up the British Expeditionary Force once again to fought German back. This bleak portrayal had blown the hatred towards their enemy thus they would struggle even more for the next war.

    In addition, both leaders also used the pronoun 'We' when addressing their people to show that they are a part of them in spite of the authority they held. For example, Churchill said '..we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our Island home..' which sparked the sense of unity between he and his people as a whole. 

     However to an extent, both leaders seemed to be good at manipulating the facts to convince their countrymen that they were on the right track and not to be blamed for what had happened. For example Hitler in his speech stressed 'we are involved in a war which we did not want'. In reality, Hitler longed for the battle to chase away those who in his view would only bring harm to German.
     All in all, I would say that both speech were delivered with full of confidence. The skills they used are all important to get people to support them. Therefore, the features that have been discussed could be applied when we want to deliver a speech. Besides getting the message across, our speech will sound more convincing and well-prepared.